How to Use Parts of Lighthouse

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Welcome to Lighthouse, a website for plural people to journal! Unlike a typical journal, Lighthouse allows each user to create alters who all have their own separated journals. Alters can also fill out basic information on themselves from triggers to hobbies, to what they need from their system for accommodation.

Just to clarify, there is no "correct" way to use Lighthouse. Every [[SYSTEM]] will have their own means to communicate, hence the different communication methods. Some of these methods (e.g. the forums, the communal journals) may not apply to your [[SYSTEM]], and that's ok too.

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In your settings page, you can set custom terms, toggle certain parts of the site, and even set your language (though this is nowhere near done). If you need to change your email or username, you can do that as well.

Creating Systems

Before you can make alters, you need to create a system to put them in. On the My System page, you can add a system by clicking "Add a System". Lighthouse can support multiple systems, for those who may have sub-systems. You may also notice a Communal Journal section, which will be discussed later on.

Creating Alters and Journals

Once a system has been created, you can now add alters! Simply click on the system, and add the new alter's name in the "Add a New Alter" blank. This will generate a card with their name on it.

From here, you can click on the alter's card, taking you to their page. If this alter is brand new, they won't have a journal yet. Simply pick a colour, choose if the journal should have a password, and hit "Create Journal" button.

Your Communal Journal

On the My System page, there is a section called the "Communal Journal". This is an area for all alters to come together and document thoughts together. This could be memories, discussion, anything. You can also pin posts to the top, so that those posts always show up first.

Update: as of version 1.6.2, all [[SYSTEMS]] and [[SUBSYSTEMS]] have their own communal journal along with a user-wide one. You can find the [[SYSTEM]]-specific communal journal by clicking on the book icon next to a [[SYSTEM]] on the My [[SYSTEMCAP]] page, or click on the [[SYSTEM]] itself and click the "Communal Journal" button there (to the left of " [[ALTERCAP]] Search").


On the Forum page, alters can chat amongst each other about a variety of topics. This is purely for your account only, and cannot communicate with other users on Lighthouse. Forums are to encourage longer forms of discussion, which some may find helpful.

You can start by creating a category, like "System Discussion" or "Hobbies". Once a category has been made, forums can be created that go under their respective category. In the earlier example, you might put a forum named "Biking" or "Drawing" under the "Hobbies" category.

Inside each forum is a list of topics. This is where discussion happens. For instance, a topic might have a post titled "Which biking path should we take tomorrow?" with the post title having a list of nearby places to go biking. From there, alters can leave replies.

For those who experienced or use forums and message boards, this is functionally the same but operated under one account.